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Bed Bug Dogs Serving Long Island

We are Bedbug Detection experts and employ the same technology military and law enforcement agencies use to detect drugs, bombs, fugitives and even cadavers. Our highly trained, nationally certified K9 Detection teams can sniff out as little as one single bedbug, pinpointing the location of the actual infestation. This will save you time, money and aggravation.


A properly trained Bedbug Dog and its Human Handler have been proven to be close to 95% accurate, capable of detecting even a single bed bug or egg.


A properly trained bed bug dog and its human handler can pinpoint the location of your infestation, saving you time, money and aggravation.


We arrive with unmarked vehicles and no uniforms. As far as anyone knows, we are simply dropping by for a visit with our family dog.

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About Our Services

We provide bed bug detection and elimination for all of Long Island, including:
  Whether you live in a home, apartment, condo or a co-op, you may have bed bug problems. Rely on Long Island Bed Bug Inspections to help you give your place of residence a clean bill of health for all of your family and loved ones.
  Hotels and motels are unfortunately a bed bug’s paradise. There are people coming and going, lots of places to hide and plenty to eat. You can count on Long Island Bed Bug Inspections to help you handle any bed bug problem, long before your guests find out about it. We are discrete, affordable and quick – with remediation options available to help you to lower the costs of the damages.
  Public areas are where bed bugs will jump from person to person, making many of these areas prime for routine inspections. Keep your buildings and furniture free from bed bugs, and keep the public happily enjoying your spaces throughout the year.
Business of all kinds can benefit from routine bed bug inspections. Doctors and dentists, car service, theaters, hotels, and so much more – anywhere people are, bed bugs can be as well. Protect your business, employees and the customers you serve by scheduling routine inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your dog teams certified?

Yes. Our dog and handler teams must undergo rigorous training and national certification before they can work in the field. Our teams will then continually train and test themselves to improve their skills in bed bug detection, and undergo periodic retesting for certification renewals.

Do you serve my place of residence?

We serve all of greater Long Island, and many of its surrounding communities. In addition, we have networked professionals in other areas so we can often help you solve your problems even if we aren't local to you. Call to ask!

How much does it cost?

The cost of your inspection will depend on a few different factors, including the area we need to search, the time frame, the follow-up and other details specific to your issue. Contact us, and we will discuss the costs, and we guarantee you no hidden fees.

Will you get rid of all the bed bugs?

Our bed bug dogs are about 98% effective in finding live bed bugs or their eggs. Once we have found them, we can help you to treat them - but you have to find all the live ones to eradicate the issue. The only way to ensure you don't have live bed bugs, is to test.

Can you do regular inspections?

Yes. In fact, a great deal of our regular business comes from local companies who appreciate our discretion, speed and effectiveness in keeping their businesses bed-bug-free. Call us to get on the schedule!

What if I am not sure I have a bed bug problem?

We like to say, "Early detection is the best form of prevention." Bed bugs are microscopic, so seeing them is a challenge for anyone, and not everyone reacts to a bed bug bite. If you have any concerns at all about the possibility of bed bugs, give us a call and we will help you to understand more about what you are facing, and what you might expect.

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“Months ago I found a bed bug. Tearing apart my bed down to the frame I found 7 more. Cleaned everything I could find. Washing and hot dryer. Spraying with bed bug spray and dusting with diatomatious earth. After that I have found nothing more. Not knowing
if I was safe I called Long Island Bed Bug Inspections and talked to Scott for a visit. He came promptly with a Beautiful German Shepard. Scott checked things out and told me what to look for and what to do in the future. No high pressure tactics, just like talking to a buddy about bugs.”

Edward F

“Okay. SCOTT IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! I have NEVER experienced this level of customer service from ANY business over the last 6 years living in NYC. Inspectors found bed bugs at my office & I called him telling him the whole situation & that I wanted him to come as a precaution. He spent OVER a half hour on the phone with me telling me what I could/should do now and what I can expect to see if we actually do have bed bugs. To take that kind of time with someone who hadn’t even set up an appointment yet was BEYOND anything I could’ve ever hoped for.”

Lanie H

“We haven’t even used their services yet, but I had to write a review because we had a pest issue and Scott has been incredibly generous with his time advising us on how to deal with the problem. He identified that they weren’t bed bugs and connected us to other specialists and had numerous follow up calls to address the issue, all without promise of pay. You won’t find better customer service anywhere. I’d recommend Scott and his team to anyone.”

Jennifer C

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Long Island Bed Bug Inspections is built on our reputation and ability to serve businesses and individuals. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services, and we will go the extra mile to earn your business.

Certified K9s

Our K9 and handlers both undergo rigorous training and certifications to be able to serve you. We constantly retrain our teams at a state-of-the-art facility also used to train dog teams who serve state and federal law enforcement.

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We are happy to talk to you about the bed bug issues you are facing. Our phones are open to you 24/7, and we encourage you to give us a call to sort out your bed bug problems.

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