The most revealing signs of a bed bug problem are the red, itchy bumps that appear after being bitten. Other signs include drops of blood on your sheets or dark spots of bed bug droppings on your bedding, mattress, clothes or walls. However, bed bugs can be inconspicuous, hiding in alarm clocks or electrical outlets. That is why canine inspections are so reliable –– our dogs’ noses lead us to whatever we are unable to see.

Prior to your inspection, we will ask you to prepare your home or business for our visit. Inspection prep includes tidying rooms and temporarily removing your pets so our dogs can conduct detailed, accurate, searches. During the inspection, our K9 will put their noses to work around furniture, baseboards, curtains, electrical outlets and more.

If the dogs detect live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs, you will work with the pest control company of your choice to treat the source of the infestation. After treatment, we will conduct a follow-up inspection to ensure that bugs and their eggs are gone.

We work with all types of residential and commercial customers. We inspect homes, apartment buildings, condos, co-ops, hospitals, schools, offices, retail establishments and any other place that bed bugs turn up.

Our dogs and handlers are trained together through the WDDO certifying organization that ensures the highest standards of canine scent detection. We train our dogs daily, to ensure they are at peak ability to detect live bed bugs and their eggs. Yes, this means we keep bed bugs on site for the dogs to interact with.

After your treatment, we will do a follow-up inspection to ensure that all bed bugs and their eggs are dead.