How Our Services Work

We like to keep things simple and efficient to provide you the best possible service:

  1. You Contact Us and tell us where will be performing our inspection, booking one of our expert K9 detection teams.
  2. You download the Long Island Bed Bug Inspections Pre-Inspection Checklist, and prepare your property accordingly – this is a crucial step for effective detection.
  3. Our K9 and handler team arrive at the scheduled time in a non-marked vehicle, assuring discretion.
  4. We perform our detailed inspection of the property. If bed bugs are detected, we will help you to take the next steps in solving the bed bug problem.
  5. We complete a written report of the inspection, immediately emailing it to you, and schedule any follow-up or treatments if necessary.

Apartments, Condos and Coops

Your home is a prime place to find bed bugs at any time. Allow our experts to come in and detect any live bed bugs in your dwelling – we can help you sleep well at night again!

Offices, and Places of Business

You want your customers to feel safe and free from bed bugs in your establishment, and our services can provide that safety. Use our bed bug inspection teams on regularly scheduled intervals to maintain a clean bill of health.

Movie Theaters, Camps and Social Spots

When you have a lot of the general public moving through your doors, bed bugs will often find a way to join the party. Our expert detection will alert on any live bed bugs or eggs, and help you stop the issue quickly, discretely and effectively.

Boats, Campers and RVs

If you plan on spending time enjoying your recreational vehicles, knowing they are free from bed bugs will be a wise decision. We can perform quick and thorough inspections that can help you protect and enjoy your valuable down time with your family and loved ones.


Contact us today for a free consultation about your bed bug issues. We will be happy to help you understand more about what you are dealing with and how to best handle the situation.

Pre-Inspection Checklist

Before Long Island Bed Bug Inspections performs our services, it is crucial for you to properly prepare your property:
  NO pesticides can be used 30 days prior to any bed bug inspection. If an application has been done, please inform us immediately.
  You must vacuum all floors and furniture thoroughly. You must refrain from using any smoking materials for 2 hours before the inspection. Close all windows and outside doors – there can be no drafts for 2 hours before the inspection. Remove any potpourri, deodorizers or air fresheners 2 hours before the inspection.
  Turn off all A/C units, oscillating fans, exhaust fans and ceiling fans 1/2 hour before your inspection. Remove all pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and ferrets) and pet toys from the building or immediate search area a 1/2 hour before your detection team arrives. Remove all pet food and water as well. All search areas must be accessible and free of clutter, with accessible, unobstructed access to ALL furniture.
During our inspection there must not be any major noise or human distractions. If you are present during the service, you may be asked to stand in another room or out of the search area. If there any spilled pills, syringes or any other type of medication in the search area, our K9 team may refuse to continue until the items have been removed.
We are Available 24/7!
Long Island Bed Bug Inspections are the detection professionals who can help you handle any bed bug issue. We are proud to serve Long Island homes and businesses, and sincerely look forward to serving you.
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