Are Your Children Sharing their School with Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs in local schools. It’s a topic that’s turning up far too often in news reports across the country. East coast or West coast, North or South, communities across the nation are wrestling with the ever growing problem of bed bug infestations in their student’s elementary and high schools. Just last month parents in Nassau County took the precaution of pulling their children out of Oceanside High School after reports of a possible bed bug infestation. Bed bugs invading public schools has become a serious problem for school districts around the country, and one that city and county governments are having a tough time addressing to the satisfaction of parents and administrators.

Bed Bugs will be Found wherever People are Found

As we know, bed bugs can turn up in the most unlikely places and it seems our kids’ schools are the latest hang out for these biting little blood suckers. The fact that these pests are turning up in schools is worrisome enough, but we have to remember that what our kids encounter in school they more often than not bring home with them at the end of the day. Bed bugs are no different. They’re more than willing to hitch a ride on a student’s backpack, coat, or trouser leg and follow them home to stake out a claim in a bedroom or living area. This is one of the many ways that bed bugs invade the home and it’s important to keep an eagle eye out for signs that your kids may be bringing these unwelcome visitors home from school.

Check Your Kids’ School for Bed Bugs

As reports of bed bugs in schools become increasingly more frequent it rests with parents to keep an eye on their children. Periodically check their backpacks, coats and sweaters. Watch for the tell-tale sign of bed bug bites on their bare skin. Should you see any signs that your child may be sharing their classroom time with bed bugs notify the school immediately and take steps to protect your home and family. Contact a certified bed bug inspector and schedule a thorough K9 inspection. The sooner you act the better.

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