Bed Bugs Bite Manhattan’s Landmark Apple Store

Mid-town Manhattan is a tourist’s Meccas for visitors to the Big Apple, and one of the highlights of any trip to the city is a stop at the 5th avenue Apple Store. More than just a place of business, the tech giant’s landmark shop front has become a major attraction for visitors to NYC. But for the last couple of months Apple’s premier retail outlet has been playing host to more than the usual eager customers and gawking tourists. It turns out Apple’s landmark store is also being visited by a bevy of bed bugs.

Employees Find Bed Bugs on Site

The problem appears to have started several weeks ago when a couple of stray bed bugs were spotted on the second floor. The area was cordoned off, but management failed to inform employees or customers of the bed bug threat. After a couple more weeks of random sightings a bed bug was discovered in the manager’s office. That apparently caught the attention of the store’s executives and steps were finally taken to address the issue.

One employee told the New York Post, “It was just mayhem…employees felt really unsafe and management kept giving them the runaround.” Eventually, staff were instructed to double bag their belongings in plastic bags while management arranged to have bed bug inspectors brought in to assess the situation. Ultimately, employees were told the coast was clear and business returned to normal. At least, for a week or two.

It wasn’t long before employees once again began noticing the tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation. But once an employee took video of a bed bug crawling over their sweater and uploaded it social media things finally came to a head. While management still failed to admit the problem it seems they did take steps to address the issue. Albeit in secret.

Aplle Store Forced to Close

The 5th avenue Apple Store is typically open 365 days a year, rarely shutting it’s doors. However, the famed store did close mysteriously for a few hours overnight for a supposed ‘water leak’. Soon after the unscheduled closing employees were informed by the store’s management that the bed bug threat was over and business should return to normal.

It just goes to show that no matter how high tech the venue, or famed the address, bed bugs can and will get in just about anywhere.

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