Bed Bugs Discovered in New York Nursing Home

In one of the more distressing stories we’ve come across in recent months, patients at a Sodus, NY nursing home and rehab center are reporting being under siege by bed bugs. This isn’t the first time tha the Wayne County nursing facility has come under scrutiny. Over the last four years the Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center has been cited more than 60 times for various health code violations, and now it would seem that there is a bed bug infestation to add to the list.

The families of patients at the facility have been contacting the local NBC news affiliate in hopes of bringing the problem to the public’s attention. They report that their loved ones are being moved from room to room to allow the facility to fumigate for bed bugs. They also claim that employees at the nursing home were well aware of the problem, and were routinely bagging their coats and purses to avoid bringing bed bugs home with them.

Surprisingly, under state law, Sodus Rehab is not required to report bed bug infestations to the New York State Department of Health. However, a spokesman for the agency has stated that the department is now aware of the situation thanks to the complaints of patients and their families. It is currently unclear whether or not the Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center will be cited for any health violations due to the bed bug infestation.

The Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is currently fumigating their facilities in an effort to eliminate the current bed bug infestation. In an email, a spokesman for the nursing home said “Sodus Rehabilitation and Nursing Center contracts with pest control professionals that help maintain a safe living space for all residents. An issue was recently detected by the facility and through its partnership with these professionals it was immediately dealt with. This effective pest control program will continue to constantly monitor and provide preventative maintenance as needed to ensure a safe and clean environment.”

We can only hope that the nursing home’s owners management stay on top of this problem. Bed bugs are the last thing vulnerable patients at a nursing home and rehab center need to deal with.

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