How Long Until You Can Return to Your Home After Spraying for Bed Bugs

When bed bugs strike there is no time to delay. Left untreated a bed bug infestation can rapidly grow into a full-scale emergency. The sooner you call in a professional bed bug inspector the sooner you can identify the infestation and move to eliminate it once and for all. Time is of the essence. But before you start treatment there are a few things to consider, not the least of which is how long you’ll need to vacate your home.

Bed Bug Treatments – Heat vs. Spray

There are two primary treatments for bed bugs. The first, and most effective, is heat treatment. With this treatment applied high heat is used to target and kill bed bugs, their offspring and their eggs. It is a highly effective treatment and one of the most popular methods for eradicating bed bug infestations. It can also be a costly option.

The second most common treatment for bed bugs is spraying with insecticides. This treatment involves professional exterminators spraying the infested home or office with a combination of insecticides carefully formulated to eliminate bed bug colonies. Insecticide treatments can often take 2 or 3 visits from your pest control expert, with each treatment taking up to 2 hours per room depending on the size of the home and the level of infestation.

Spraying with insecticides remains one of the most popular treatment options, largely due to its greater affordability and general familiarity with the public. But like all treatments there are some things to consider.

Follow all Preparatory Instructions

Before your treatment begins your bed bug removal expert with give you a list of instructions detailing how to prepare your home. It is extremely important that you follow these instructions to the letter, as properly preparing the home is key to ensuring a successful result. Failing to properly prepare a home for treatment is one of the main reasons bed bug treatments fail.

While your pest control experts are spraying your home you will have to remain removed from the property. The insecticides being used can be toxic to more than just bed bugs so it is important to wait the required amount of time before returning to your home.

How Long Should You Wait after Your Home is Sprayed?

Every bed bug removal service will have its own specifications governing the length of time occupants should remain outside of the home following a spray treatment. It is important to follow these instructions closely. Your pest control expert understands the treatment, and its follow-up, better than you do so rely on their advice.

The main goal following an insecticide treatment is to give all of the treated areas ample time to fully dry. Depending on the strength of the chemicals used, as well as the level of infestation and the size of the home itself, you may be required to stay out of your home for several hours. This is especially true with families who have children and pets.

Once again, always follow the advice of your pest control expert. Their guidance is crucial when it comes to keeping you and your family safe throughout the entirety of the bed bug removal treatment.

What to Do When Re-Entering Your Treated Home

Part of a successful insecticide treatment is to allow time for the chemical spray to fully settle into all treated areas. In addition to asking how long you should stay out of your home you should also ask when and whether you should clean after the treatment.

Most of the time their answer will be ‘no’. You want the insecticide to do its work. For the treatment to be fully effective you need to leave the sprayed insecticide on the treated areas. Your bed bug removal team will do an assessment of exposure to determine the proper doses of chemicals to be used during the treatment. These take into account children, elderly family members, and pets that will be exposed to the chemicals following treatment. Again, follow the advice provided by your pest control experts.

When you re-enter your home there are some precautionary measures you and your family should take following the completion of a bed bug spray treatment:

  • Always let your service provider enter the property first. They will check the treated areas and determine if it is safe for you to enter. If any treated areas are still wet you may have to wait a bit longer to re-enter the property.
  • Your pest removal experts will give you instructions in what to do when you return to your home. Follow these closely and ask if you need clarification on any instructions.
  • Infants, children, seniors, adults and pets should be kept away from all treated areas. They may need to stay with relatives or in a hotel for a few days following treatment.
  • Family members with respiratory ailments and pregnant women should also be kept away from treated areas. Again, staying with relatives or friends for a few days is advised.
  • Stay away from treated areas as instructed by your pest control team leader.

Keep in mind you may not be able to sleep in your own bed right away because you need to allow time for the insecticides to do their work. You may also have to schedule a follow up treatment to ensure that your home is completely bed bug free.

Cleaning Up and Returning to Normal

Following treatment your bed bug removal team will give you general instructions on what you need to do once you return to your home. They will outline some general cleaning routines, giving you tips on when and how to handle the cleanup process. Again, take their instructions to heart. They know what they’re doing and their advice is not only sensible but also an important part of the service you’re paying for – don’t ignore it.

Eliminating a bed bug infestation can be a difficult and time consuming process and it is important to remain patient and follow best practices at outlined by your bed bug removal service. With their help and expertise you will soon be able to return to a home that is free of bed bugs.

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