Authorities are investigating the appearance of pill bottles filled with live bed bugs at a Washington Township Walmart. An employee at the big box retailer first discovered the bed bug loaded pill bottles in a boy’s jacket left hanging in a men’s department changing room That employee quickly notified management and the jacket and pill bottle were safely disposed of. Unfortunately, the incident was just the beginning of the store’s bed bug problems.

Soon after discovering the pill bottle in the changing room the same employee began to notice bugs in the store’s fitting room. Upon closer inspection it was confirmed that the pests were, indeed, bed bugs. Over the course of the next couple of days employees found more bed bug loaded pill bottles in other sections of the men’s department. Following theses further discoveries management at the Washington Township Walmart notified the Pennsylvania State Police, Troopers responding to the complaint collected the second pill bottle that was processed for fingerprints and an ongoing investigation was opened.

Innocent Prank or Sabotage?

The incidents may have all of the hallmarks of a prank, however Trooper Cindy Shick said, “I would hope that it was not a prank by an employee”. Trooper Shick went on to say that the incident was being treated as disorderly conduct and the local authorities were working with Walmart management to find the individual responsible. So far the situation is being treated as an isolated incident, and no other retail shops or public buildings have reported any similar occurrences. Pennsylvania State Police are currently reviewing the store’s surveillance footage as their investigation continues.

Local Police Continue to Investigate

A spokesperson for Walmart assured the public that the company was taking the threat of bed bugs seriously A third party pest management service has been brought in and a thorough inspection of the store has been completed. No signs of bed bug infestation have been found, and Walmart’s management and local authorities have concluded that this was an isolated incident that poses no threat or health hazard to the public. Meanwhile, local police will continue to follow up on similar reports and will continue their investigation and search for the bed bug culprit.