New Windsor Senior Housing Residents Struggle with Bed Bug Infestation

New Windsor Senior Housing is facing a growing bed bug problem. Residents of the senior housing complex have been struggling with an ongoing infestation, one that the property management company seems to be unable, or unwilling, to eliminate. 

At least six residents of the housing facility have lodged formal complaints with Devon Management, the property’s administrators, informing them of the continuing presence of bed bugs in their apartments. 

Yvonne Maldonando, whose mother is currently a resident of the New Windsor Senior Housing facility, told local news outlets that management’s response has been largely ineffective. “They exterminate the effected units,” she told the Times Herald-Record, “but the bugs run somewhere else because they’re not doing the entire area. We’re concerned the problem is going to continue.”

Residents Under Attack

Residents are dealing with more than just a home invasion; they are also dealing with the constant biting that comes with a large-scale bed bug infestation. Cheryl Greene, a resident of more than two years, woke to find herself being bitten by bed bugs. When she turned on her bedside light she found several bed bugs crawling around the edge of her mattress. 

Greene promptly removed the mattress from her home and tossed into the trash. Unfortunately, her troubles were just beginning. In addition to being harassed by bed bugs she soon found her tenancy at New Windsor Senior Housing terminated by the complex’s management team. The termination noticed claimed her actions posed a “threat to the health and safety of other residents and could cause a bed bug outbreak in the building.” Devon Management has since reconsidered the immediate termination of Greene’s lease, perhaps realizing that the bed bug outbreak was already in progress.

Elderly Residents Dealing with Added Stress of Infestation

The stress of dealing with an ongoing infestation has taken its toll on many of the housing complex’s residents. One family member, who asked to have their identity protected due to fear of retaliation, said that it was ‘horrible’ to see his mother covered in bed bug bites. “My Mom is in her eighties,’ he said, “This is not only a physical issue but a mental issue at her age.”

Treatment Measures are Ongoing at New Windsor Senior Housing

Devon Management has undertaken extermination procedures at the apartment complex. However, the targeted approach of using pesticides to treat individual apartments illustrates one of the problems with a limited approach to combating bed bugs. When one area is treated bed bugs will simply move to another part of the complex, infesting other apartments and harassing other tenants. At some point the property management team will have to take a more holistic approach to New Windsor’s bed bug problems if they hope to successfully eliminate the infestation once and for all. 

Meanwhile, the residents continue to suffer the trials of sharing their homes with bed bugs. As of this writing the problem remains unsolved and tenants continue to complain of bed bugs in their apartments. Barring a full canine inspection and comprehensive professional treatment it may be some time before residents at New Windsor Senior Housing can spend a bed bug free night.

Published by Scott Palatnik

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